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51/177 MV Act – Not Display No.Plate, Fancy No. Plate

51/177 MV Act – Not Display No. Plate, Fancy No. Plate

51/177 MV Act Fine – 500 (five hundred rupees)

51 The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989- Size of letters and numerals of the registration mark. –

The dimension of letters and figures of the registration mark and the space between different letters and numerals and letters and edge of the plain surface shall be as follows:]


Sl.No.Class of vehicle[Dimensions (in mm) not less than ;]
HeightThicknessSpace between
1All motor cycles and three-wheeled invalid carriagesRear-letter3575
2All motor cycles and three-wheeled invalid carriagesRear-numeral4075
3Motor cycles with engine capacity less than 70ccFront-letters and numerals152.52.5
4Other motor cyclesFront-letters and numerals3055
[5Three-wheelers of engine capacity not exceeding 500 cc [E-rickshaws and E-carts]Rear and Front numerals and letters3575
6Three-wheelers of engine capacity exceeding 500 ccRear and Front numerals and letters4075]
7All other motor vehiclesRear and Front numerals and letters651010
[8Power tillersFront numerals and letters152.52.5
9Trailers coupled to power tillersRear letters and numerals3055]
[10Combine harvesterFont and rear letters and numerals651010
11Trailer for header assembly of combine harvestersRear letters and numerals651010]
[12Construction Equipment VehiclesFront and rear letters and numerals. –
a) With plate size 500×120 mm or 340×200 mm
b) With plate size 200×100 mm3575
c) With plate size 285×45 mm3055]

Section 177 of MV Act 1988 :- General provision for punishment of offences —

Whoever contravenes any provision of this Act or of any rule, regulation or notification made thereunder shall, if no penalty is provided for the offence be punishable for the first offence with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, and for any second or subsequent offence with fine which may extend to one thousand and five hundred rupees.

51/177 MV Act FAQ

  1. 51/177 MV Act Fine

    500/- (five hundred rupees)

51/177 MV Act 51/177 MV Act